*NEW – MEPHISTO All-Weather Black Scotch-Grain Derby: 42D (US 9D)


  • Mephisto
    Depuis 1965
    Fine All-Weather 5-Eyelet Derby
    100% Natural Rubber Sole
    Euro 280

    The acknowledged truth about Mephisto shoes is that they are true to their name by being devilishly comfortable. Their top-line, the “Air-Relax”, Goodyear welted, All-Weather, Derby, with additional 360 degree Storm Welt and cushioned inner sole is, at once, the soul of comfort and the promise of keeping high and dry.

    This French company was founded in 1965 by the German entrepreneur Martin Michaeli. With, today, approximately 900 stores world wide, his enterprise has become so successful that Michaeli was awarded the Legion of Honor from President Jacques Chirac, suggesting -I am pleased to learn- that shoe salesmen are considered the equivalent of heads of state (Napoleon 1st, Charles de Gaulle), artists, including foreigners (Richard Strauss, Bette Davis), inventors (Thomas Edison), and war heroes (Sgt. Alvin York, Gen. George C. Patton).

    The choice of the firm’s name is an interesting one. Mephisto or Mephistopheles originally appeared in the Faust legend as a demon, acting as the Devil’s agent, with whom an ambitious scholar made his infamous deal with the Devil at the price of his soul.  Evidently the name captured Michaeli’s imagination as it has that of no less than Goethe, Marlowe, E. M. Forster, von Kleist, to name a few giants, and a host of composers including Liszt, Gounod, and Berlioz.

    No selling of souls are necessary to acquire these handsome, supremely practical and modestly priced shoes, moreover, the soles are, as marked, 100% finest rubber.

    Size Details:

    US 9D........(UK 8E)......Continental 42D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    New and unworn. Sold without trees.

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