*NEW – JOHN LOBB Prestige, MUSEUM CALF “Becketts”, Circa 2007: 46-46.5E (US 12-12.5E)


  • John Lobb
    4-Eyelet Oxford
    Prestige Line – Museum Calf
    Euro 1600 now Euro 1450

    This is a limited edition from the Prestige Line and like others of Lobb’s “Prestige” line shoes hovers somewhere between the bespoke and the ready-mades, much more of the finishing being done by hand than in the ready-mades and they are easily distinguished by the narrower waist and instep arched over the shank, both properties they share with their bespoke brethren.
    Museum Calf, a calfskin with a lovely antique mottled effect achieved in the tanning, was provided to Lobb for many years by the Ilcea Tannery in Turin, until it came into financial difficulties. I have some doubts as to the quality of the skins by the current replacement for Ilcea, but the present shoe dates from years before the new supplier and boasts a most beautiful colour and depth of finish, far beyond my ability to represent adequately in photographs. The model is available sometimes today in black calf at about $1800 +tax but the Museum Calf version is a thing of the past, especially in this large size and in new condition. Most likely this pair is the last such one in captivity.
    About Lobb; little need be said about this good shoemaker, neither the family run shop in London nor its branch opened in Paris at the beginning of the last century and acquired by Hermès in 1976. Lobb shoes are thought to be the last word in luxury by some and, while they are not really alone in that category, they certainly deserve their reputation for quality, comfort, elegance and quiet good taste.
    The size: UK 11.5EE……. (US: 12-12.5E) (Continental 46-46.5E), for the somewhat wider foot.
    Condition: New, never polished and never worn. Delivered in Lobb carton. Sold without trees.
    An historical note: You are soon to be in the company of Winston Churchill, Somerset Maugham, Charles de Gaulle, Alfred Hitchcock, J. Paul Getty, and Gregory Peck. Not to mention the likes of The Prince of Wales and Hugh Grant and a smattering of discerning female clients -Jacqueline Kennedy and Katharine Hepburn, for example, were faithful customers.

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