*NEW – JOHN LOBB “Prestige” line “Philip II” Cap-Toe Oxford Brogue: 46-46.5D.


  • John Lobb
    “Prestige Line”
    Cap-Toe Oxford Brogue
    “Philip II”
    Euro 1420

    The Philip II model, one of the half dozen hand finished “Prestige” line products from Lobb, is available today without brogueing but this brogued version dates from 10 or more years ago and is, in my estimation, superior in build to today’s production as are many of Lobbs earlier ready-mades. Both the quality of the leather and the uncompromising last -notice the almost spade shaped sole- make for a wonderful shoe almost on a par with their current bespoke shoes. Notice the tapering of the laces as they assend. In short, the “Prestige” line shoes hover somewhere between the bespoke and the ready-mades, much more of the finishing being done by hand than in the ready-mades and they are easily distinguished by the narrower waist and instep arched over the shank, both properties they share with their bespoke brethren.

    Little need be said about this good shoemaker in general, neither the family run shop in London nor its branch opened in Paris at the beginning of the last century and acquired by Hermès in 1976. John Lobb is of course, the premiere workshop for traditional English Shoes and stands noticeably above even the other superior shoemakers such as Church´s or Crockett & Jones, Alden, Weston etc., and along with Edward Green and (I believe) the old Peal & Co., is in the top category of shoemakers in the world. Ready made shoes from Lobb are in the $1400-1800 category (these are $1800) and John Lobb bespoke shoes start at £5000 for shoes and £1000 for shoe-trees, plus VAT 20%. http://www.johnlobbltd.co.uk/pricelist/

    bespoke shoes about three times that price, $5000. Shoe trees are now 744 Pounds Sterling plus VAT 20%. ($1300). thereabouts)http://www.johnlobbltd.co.uk/main/pricelist.htm

    Further information on Philip II: http://surlalunefairytales.com/guywetmorecarryl/thomasdragon.html

    Size Details:

    Marked UK 11.5E.....US 12-12.5D.....46-46.5D, for the medium width foot. Please feel free to address me with any size questions.

    Shoe Condition:

    New an unworn. These have been fitted with full rubber heels and (removable) heel protectors. Sold withour trees.

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