*NEW – J. M. WESTON, PARIS, Hand-Tinted Cap-Toe Tassel Loafer: 45D (US 11.5D)


  • J. M. Weston
    Made in France
    Since 1891
    Hand-Tinted, Cap-Toe, Tassel Loafer
    Euro 580

    This is a new, unworn Hand-Tinted Loafer from Weston’s last Fall collection, shown only in their Rue St. Honoré boutique and not available on line. Faithful Weston fans will observe that this shoe is something of a departure from Weston’s iconic American style penny loafers, heavy brogues or massive Norwegians (the “Derby Golf”) The elogated form of this loafer and its richly mottled colouring are more in keeping with the offerings of other French shoemakers such as Corthay or Berluti, In any case, these are the result of a long history in the business, as discussed below and in another price category (above 1000 Euros) when they were still available.

    Versandkosten: Euro 6,20, innerhalb Deutschlands, Postage Euro 14 within the EU. Continental US, $14.

    The story of J.M. Weston begins at the end of the 19th century, in the heart of France’s Limousin region, with its long tradition of tanning and leather working. Édouard Blanchard established his factory here in 1891, making men’s and women’s shoes. He was soon joined by his son Eugène, whose sights were fixed on the modern manufacturing methods used in the United States.

    In 1904 Edouard Blanchard’s son, Eugène, leaves Limoges to learn Goodyear welting in Weston (near Boston,Massachusetts).

    In 1922 a Paris horse race seals the destiny of the family business, when Eugène Blanchard crosses paths with a certain Monsieur Viard. The encounter is a clash of cultures (Paris and Limoges), the meeting of a modest, self-effacing entrepreneur and a dandy who adores shows, concerts and the capital’s high life. Both join forces, they patent the J.M. Weston name and open the first store on boulevard de Courcelles. This unexpected partnership lays the foundations for J.M. Weston: a name, a tradition of skill and expertise, a Parisian spirit.
    In the 1960s, rebel French Mods the so-called “Bande du Drugstore” make the J.M. Weston loafer their own, wearing it “barefoot”, teamed with jeans. By wearing the shoes of their father’s generation in new and different ways, they demonstrate their own refusal to conform. The legend is born. France’s “hep cats” quickly adopt the shoe as their clan uniform.

    Size Details:

    45D.......(11.5D US)..... (10.5E UK), for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    New, never worn. Sold without trees.

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