+NEW – Important Vintage STUART McGUIRE Alligator, Spade Sole Norwegian: 41.5D (US 8.5D)


  • Important Vintage Alligator Spade Sole
    Laid Apron Norwegian
    Euro 2800

    This is among the two or three finest alligator shoes in the collection or, I dare say, anywhere. It is a sculpted masterpiece that one does not see today outside of bespoke production and then not often.  See the lateral curvature of the instep, molded around the shank.  This is masters’ work. Truly, no matter what the price –and some prices range in to the 10,000s; see Kiton or Vuitton- the construction you see here is not equaled today, not even approached, indeed some of the construction methods in use are a damn shame in those price ranges; see Berluti’s $11,800 alligator loafer that is not even Goodyear welted (it is Blake stitched)!!! Of course they are selling labels to the insecure so they don’t really count among serious shoe enthusiasts.  In short, if this is your size, do not hesitate; this quality, this beauty, this work of art, this wearable museum piece, will not come again. Intended for the advanced collector.

    Size Details:

    US 8.5D......UK 7.5E......European 41,5D, for the slightly narrower. With the correct custom inner sole, this will also fit a half size smaller foot

    Shoe Condition:

    New and unworn. [Different camera settins used to show more detail.]

    Postage: Innerhalb Deutschlands Euro 6,90; France Euro 14,20; Japan and the Far East Euro 26,10…US$14.

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