NEW – Important Antique LLOYD & LLOYD, Spade Sole, Suede Oxford, Circa 1925: 40D


SOLD to Mr. Y. S., Toronto
  • Lloyd & Lloyd Bootmakers
    Spade Sole Suede Cap-Toe Oxford
    Circa: 1925
    Euro 1450

    A great shoe from the early century, a stylistic and craftsmanly masterpiece, created with abandonment of all caution, disregard for convention, a dangerous foray into the extreme reaches of the cordwainer’s art, nevertheless, an esthetic success of great magnitude. This is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful shoes it has ever been my privilege to encounter, a true object d’art, a museum piece or for the extreme collector. (They are available for sale only to an old client or to a public institution. I will ask the purchaser for his word as a gentleman that these will never be worn.)
    Size: US 7D (UK 6E) (Continental 40D)

    Condition: Perfect, new and unworn.

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