*NEW–Historic Circa 1900, ROBERTS, JOHNSON & RAND Oxford: 40-40.5D


  • Roberts, Johnson & Rand
    St. Louis, Missouri
    Important Historic
    Gentleman’s 10-Eyelet, Oxford Ankle Boot
    Circa 1900-1910
    Euro 1240

    Roberts, Johnson & Rand Shoe Company was a footwear jobber organized in St. Louis in 1898 by Jackson Johnson, Oscar Johnson, Edgar E. Rand and John C. Roberts. In 1911 they merged with the Peters Shoe Company, originally formed in 1836, to form the International Shoe Company which exists today as a Delaware corporation, once the largest single American shoe manufacturer, acquiring other shoemakers including such luminaries in the industry as Florsheim (bought in 1952 and spun off in 1994-96, ending its 160 years in the footwear industry.) In 1988, by then known as INTERCO, the conglomerate with 23 operating companies, more than 1,000 retail locations and $3.3 billion in sales, employed more than 54,000 persons manufacturing general retail goods, footwear, furniture and apparel. International (or INTERCO) has continued to expand and diversify and exists today principally as a furniture maker.

    The Roberts, Johnson & Rand/International Shoe Company Complex, constructed between 1903 and 1922 and deemed a National Landmark Building, is closely associated with St. Louis’ early 20th century industrial boom and the firm is known to have been an important contributor to St. Louis´ economy.

    This shoe/boot was the standard version of the gentleman’s footwear at the beginning of the 20th century, predating the low slung “half shoe” we wear today.

    Size Details:

    US 7.5D…….European 40-40.5D………UK 6.5E, for the medium width foot. Fuer den mittel-breiten Fuss.

    Shoe Condition:

    New but somewhat effected by age. The sole has had a protective thin rubber sole added to cover checking. Pictures of the sole before this restoration are shown here. The heels are original and as new and through them we can see that the shoes were never worn. Some tiny checking to the uppers that are of no importance if the shoes continue to be properly maintained. These shoes are a wearable museum piece for the advanced collector with a narrow foot.

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