*NEW – Historic Circa 1900, HANOVER Cap-Toe Balmoral Boot: 5D US


SOLD to MR. Z. Y., Den Haag
  • Hanover
    Important Historic
    Cap-Toe, Brogued Balmoral (Oxford) Boot
    Circa 1900-10
    Euro 1200

    This shoe/boot was the standard version of footwear for both ladies and gentlemen, with the appropriate differences in shape and size, of course. from the 19th century, well into the 20th, predating the low slung “half shoe” we wear today. Of course, it takes its name from Balmoral Castle, from which, under Victoria and Albert, so many fashions of the day emanated.

    This is abeautifully made shoe, employing the, then, newly invented Goodyear welting machine. The number of stitches to the inch of the welt is almost never seen in modern shoes.

    Size Details:

    US 5D…….European 38D………UK 4D.

    Shoe Condition:

    New and unworn with a few trivial blemishes from storage. These shoes are a wearable museum piece for the advanced collector.

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