*NEW – Historic BRITISH ARMY Issue Ammunition Boot, Circa 1945: 42D/E


SOLD to Mr. R. G., England
  • Historic British Army Issue
    Ammunition Boots
    Circa 1945
    Euro 650

    Ammunition boots (ammo boots) were the standard footwear for the British Army in World War II and earlier. They were triple sewn black Scotch-Grain leather ankle-boots of the earlier “Navvy Boot” type, with or without Cap-Toe with a brown Goodyear Welted double sole with multiple rows of hob-nails, nailed leather heel with full inset iron horse-shoe and screw-applied iron half-moon toe protector. The sole has a molded arch in the manner of a fine custom made boot. No more durable boot has ever been made nor any so revered by generations of men in the field or on the parade ground.

    The elite Guards regiments would “hot spoon” the dimpled surface of the boots to make them smooth, to achieve a high polish. Ammo boots were replaced by DMS (Directly Moulded Sole) boots in the 1950s but the Guards Division continued to wear ammunition boots on ceremonial and drill duties until the 1980’s.
    Size: Imprinted UK 8 medium width. (US 9 D), (Continental 42 D) for the mid-width foot. By my measurements, perfectly suited for the “E” or somewhat wider foot. Sold without trees.

    Condition: NEW OLD STOCK The few that remain in circulation today are either badly worn (and with the extensive metal work, difficult to repair) or highly polished, “bulled” or laquored, making them impractical for all but parade wear. Nor are these boots to be confused with the much more common later issue boots, easily identifiable by the repeated triangle pattern of the cleats. The present example of this great historic boot, dates from the Second Work War and immediately after, and is in new and perfect, unworn condition. It is a wearable collector item that will send any other boot to school.

    The Ammunition Boot is Britain’s answer to the Wehrmacht’s hob-nailed boot and served as late as the Falklands expedition. While it is replaced with the high-tech molded boots of today’s modern Army, it will never be replaced in the memories of those it served for half a century and two wars. A prize for any collection and an extreme rarity in this new condition.

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