*NEW – HESCHUNG, France, All-Weather Tan BUFFALO “Goiser” Monk Strap:42D


VENDUTO a Dr. C. P., Parma
  • Heschung
    Hand Sewn, Reverse Sewn (Goiser)Welted
    Tan Buffalo Saddle Monk Strap
    High Profile Rubber Sole
    Euro 680

    Heschung is one of the few French firms of quality to continue to produce or offer ready-to-wear shoes made in France. The others are Charvet, Weston, Corthay, Fenestrier, Vaneau but, against the convention wisdom, not Aubercy or Berluti.) The present shoe, no longer offered by Heschung in Buffalo leather, is a robust, finely made, all weather, all terrain, masterwork which features true double sewn Norwegian (Goiser) welting as well as a 360 degree Storm Welt. The Goiser constructions sets this handsome shoe apart from Heschung’s more commonly seen production and not to be compared to the lesser offerings on-line by myriad resellers.

    This type of construction is derived from traditional hand sewn mountain and sky boots and promises comfort even in long periods of use. Heschung’s proprietary full rubber sole is Goodyear welted but the Storm Welt is hand sewn. This is in reality a boot masquerading as a shoe with a sole and heel that offer full functionality on paved or unpaved surface. Of course the Norwegian construction affords maximum protection against, rain, slush or snow but this is also a wonderfully practical fair weather monk for town or country.

    An approximately Euro 700-plus item in its day. To find an example in the new condition of this pair is indeed fortunate. These are exactly the kinds of hides that take to polish beautifully (of course, this pair has not yet been polished) and the colour can be adjusted according to the depth of colour of your polish. Start with the lightest shade of tan since even neutral cream will darken the leather slightly from the oils it adds…and watch the rich patina develop over time.

    Size Details:

    European 42D…..US 9D…..UK 8E, for the medium width foot.
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