*New – GUCCI Rubber Soled Two-Toned Monogram Double Monk Strap Trainer: 44-44.5D (US 10.5-11D)


VENDU a Monsieur D. E., Paris
    Rubber Soled Two-Toned Double Monk Strap Monogram Trainer
    Euro 320

    GUCCI’s Collectable Rubber Soled Two-toned Monogram Trainer is now universally out of stock, a fashion forward find for the hopelessly style conscious. When available, this sneaker sold for an astonishing Euro 690 plus tax, lending credence to the theory that the world of fashion is totally out of control. Shown here at half the retail price and still overpriced for an article of footwear made without the benefit of human hands, the uppers of doubtful construction, glued to a injection molded one piece sole and heel which cannot be repaired when worn out…..but then, who would wear out such a shoe? It is for posing suggestively on the runway or at a beach bar in Capri.  Shown here as a warning to my adult clients that the apocalypse is never far.


    Size Details:

    US 10.5-11D.......UK 9.5-10E.......European 44-44.5D, for the medium width foot. One advantage of this shoe is that it is almost infinitely adjustable for width becase of the Velcro closures.

    Shoe Condition:

    New and unworn with original Gucci Travel Bags.

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