*NEW – BOND BOOT COMPANY Zippered Polo Boot: 44D


  • Bond Boot Company
    Zippered Polo Boot
    Euro 650

    The Bond Boot Company, beloved by generation of equestrians and Polo enthusiasts went out of business in the 1990s upon the death of the owner/founder. Their almost indestructible boots continue to be worn and prized by their old customers but a new pair like the present one is no longer to be found. This one was purchased as a spare in the closing days of the firm by a polo player who has since retired from the sport. They were never used.

    Polo is certainly one of the most dangerous sports played in the world today with eight riders armed with mallets astride 1200 pound adrenalin charged animals careening at 40 miles an hour after a small ball. Polo players need a wide array of protective clothing and especially sturdy boots providing extra ankle support. Boots like this one, designed for the purpose, provide that support and protection while the zipper allows a close fit and the stability necessary for precision control of the pony.

    Naturally a handsome boot of this kind is as suitable for casual riding as it is for polo and because of its sturdiness it is ideal for motor cyclists and perfect as a “bush” or field boot.

    Bond Boots products, exemplified by this signature polo boot, are known for their durability, comfort and, I think you will agree, fine appearance. Most boots of this type from a good outfitter range between 800-1800Euros + VAT. Cheaper imported versions are certainly available but they are ruined after a season or two of vigorous play. A boot like this one, made from full grain cowhide, will last decades and, being Goodyear welted, can be resoled repeatedly, if ever you can wear out the extraordinarily robust original sole. Just breaking in these boots will take a couple of days of riding or walking and a few applications of saddle soap. I will be happy to share some old horseman’s tricks for breaking in new boots to get a glove-like fit. Just write to me.

    Condition: New and unworn. A few trivial marks from storage. Sold without trees.

    Size: US 10.5D…..UK 9.5E…..Continental 44D, for the medium width foot. Shaft (heel to top) 19”-48cm, expect a 1”-2.5cm drop when broken in. Maximum calf size: 15.5”-40cm


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