*NEW – ALLEN EDMONDS Haifisch-SHARKSKIN Special Order FIELD (Navvy) BOOT: 46.5-47 Wide


  • Allen Edmonds 
    Special Order – One of a Kind
    Sharkskin Field Boot

    Euro 1450

    A presentation piece, one-of-a-kind, custom ordered and in new condition, a Sharkskin 6-Eyelet, 3-Hook Field (Navvy) Boot with Allen Edmonds’ proprietary Goodyear welted combination rubber/leather sole. This boot, appearing to have been made in the last 20 years, is extraordinary as it postdates the use of sharkskin, even by Allen Edmonds, the premiere purveyor of sharkskin products when the material was still in use in the 20th century. For the gentleman who wears this size this is the ultimate, life-long serving, indestructible boot. And for the Allen Edmonds collector  it is the prize of the collection…..of any collection.

    This material is astonishing. I have seen sharkskin shoes that were utterly destroyed, the bottoms worn through to the cork, the welts coming off the shoe, utterly derelict….and the top still unblemished! There is a wonderful English comedy from the 1950’s, “The Man In The White Suit”, in which a chemist (Alec Guinness) invents an indestructible fiber, thinking it will be a godsend to mankind; no more worn out clothes. Of course he is hounded out of town by the manufactures and the worker both who fear for the end of an industry when all the world is clothed, once and for all. Our hero barely escapes with his life. Sharkskin is the equivalent to this fictitious fiber, the indestructible material, except that Sharkskin is real.
    This magnificent boot may not be your size, all the more’s the pity, but there will certainly be excellent Sharkskin shoe in your size; find it elsewhere in the website.

    Size: US 12.5-13 WIDE…..UK 11.5-12 WIDE….Continental 46,5-47 WIDE.   

    Condition: NEW with trivial marks on bottoms from trying on. Sold without trees.

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