*NEW -ALDERLASS 14-Eyelet, Commando Sole, Cap-Toe, Field (Navvy) Boot: US 11-11.5D (44.5-45D)


    Field / Jump Boot
    All Weather, All Terrain Commando Sole
    Euro 480

    This incredibly robust boot defies my abilities of description. This boot is patterned after a WWI Officer’s Field Boot or later Paratrooper Jump Boot but with the steel toe of a work boot and the addition of a High Profile Commando sole over the Goodyear Welted low profile sole and, not to leave anything undone, a 360 degree Storm Welt. In my experience, this tall, all weather, all terrain, hybrid, overarches any other military or civilian footwear in massiveness. The 14-eyelet shank with derby lacing promises extraordinary ankle support and the triple commando sole a soft footfall with an extra bit of height as well. Shown here with two different styles of lacing for you to choose from.

    Size Details:

    Unmarked for size but, by my measurements, correct for a US 11.5D (Continental 45D) or a slightly more generous fit but perfectly correct too for a US 11D (Continental 44.5), medium width.

    Shoe Condition:

    New, never worn, in original velvet lined carton.

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