*Neuwertig – Vintage FOOTJOY All-Weather Full Brogue Oxford Spectator: 41.5D-42C


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  • FootJoy
    Full Brogue Oxford Spectator
    All Weather Vibram Rubber Sole
    Euro 340

    This delightful Spectator is built on the same last as their “golf trainers”, although intended for use on or off the green. I find these trainers, in whatever configuration -Spectator, Saddle Oxford, Wing-Tip Brogue- it to be among the most supremely comfortable walking shoes, my personal shoe-of-choice for long city walks.

    Between the rubber soles and generous internal padding, this shoe has all the properties and comfort of a gym or work-out shoe, while eminently suitable for everyday use. Be kind to your feet and knees with this attractive and well-made cushion-soled Oxford Spectator.  Tradition meets last-word technology; the most comfortable shoe you will ever own. An excellent choice for inclement weather too!

    As to design: the Spectator is in a long university tradition and this particular item, with black over brown calf, allows for it use where the usual black/white or brown/white combinations would be too pronounced.  In short, a very successful combination that does not overstep the most exacting traditional taste.  A lovely shoe!  A favourite.

    Please note that neither this shoe nor any of the other FootJoys show in this website are available from the company today. These are the true American-made FootJoys, the last of which were made in 2008, at which time the Brockton, Mass. factory closed its doors forever. 

    Size Details:

    US 8.5D-9C…..UK 7.5E-8D…..Continental 41.5D-42C, for the medium width 41.5 or the slightly narrower 42.

    Shoe Condition:

    Superb, near new; showing only the first trivial rubbing of the soles. 

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