*Neuwertig – Vintage 1960s Italian-Made Mod Spectator:41.5D


  • Vintage 1960’s
    Italian-Made 6-Eyelet Mod Spectator
    Euro 220

    This non-Goodyear Spectator has all the earmarks and flamboyance of the “Swinging 60’s. Think Carnaby Street, the Height Ashbury, St. Marks Place, and the excesses of your misspent youth. Relive the embarrassment of Hippy dress, of Mod gear, and Sargeant Pepper mufti with this authentic travesty from the era.

    Size Details:

    UK 7.5E.....US 8.5D......Continental 41.5D, for the medium width foot. Cuban heels, man-made sole and heels, unknown construction (although appears rather sturdy). Sold without trees.

    Shoe Condition:

    Perfect, indistinguishable from new. Perhaps worn only once (once was probably just enough).

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