SOLD to Mr. E. P., Traverse City
  • Sutor Mantellassi
    5-Eyelet Hand-Brogued Wholecut Oxford

    This shoe represents among the finest workmanship to come out of Italy today.

    Every care, from the hand-lasting to the final polishing, has been taken in the making of this shoe. I believe we are safe in calling this a hand-made shoe and a very unusual one for a “Wholecut”, few of which have this extensive and individual an array of hand-brogueing. The choice of leather is quite spectacular, a lovely glove-leather-soft calfskin, but what raises this shoe to the category of art is the inspired decoration, the alternating larger and smaller brogueing beautifully arranged. This is the unusual departure from tradition, the rare innovation that is actually successful, that adds to the genre, evidence that novelty and progress are possible without abandoning modesty and good taste.

    Please do not confuse this pair with Mantellassi’s shown in a myriad of on-line discounters. This masterpiece comes from their very best flagship line of shoes, available in very few shops and in very limited numbers. It sells for over Euro 1000.

    Size Details:

    European 46D......12D US......11E UK.....for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Neuwertig, like new. Appears to be a store model worn one or twice only.

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