*Neuwertig – SPERRY Top-Sider, Gold Cup, Split Toe NORWEGIAN, Circa 1980: 46E (US 12E)


    Top Sider, Gold Cup
    Circa 1980
    Scotch Grain, Split-Toe Norwegian
    Euro 380

    Sperry was established by the eponymous Sperry, an avid sailor responding to the need for deck shoes that gripped on slippery surface. His invention of the “Top Sider” in 1935, soon took hold of the private sailing world and persists today. With his success, he branched out into the manufacture of gentlemen’s street shoes, of which this is an excellent example.

    With its Goodyear Welted double sole, hand nailed, McAffee style, dove-tailed, combination heel, full thickness scotch grain uppers and deerskin lining, this robust Norwegian promises both comfort and long life. Do not be misled; this is the old, great Sperry, not the Sperry of sneakers and deck shoes of today.

    I appreciate that for most people this is a relatively unknown brand but, if you will take my word for it, you will be getting tremendous value for the money. This Norwegian can compete with any and all on the modern market and puts most to shame.

    Size Details:

    US 12E......UK 11F.....Continental 46E, for the medium to somewhat wider foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Excellent overall. All original and showing trivial wear to tops or bottoms. Neuwertig. 95% of its long life ahead of it. .

  • Si vous vous intéressez dans les premiers noms dans le métier chaussures Gentilhomme, les noms des firmes les plus classiques, traditionnelles, et l’exceptionnelle et, en France, les très peux connus cordonnier américain, n’hésitez pas à voir mes autres offrandes. Car les textes sont écrits en plus part en Anglais ou Allemand, je serais toujours prêt a répondre, en Français, a vos questions en détaille, si vous pouvez avoir de l’indulgence pour mon Français épouvantable.

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