*Neuwertig – Special Order FOOTJOY Snakeskin/Scotch Grain Spectator:41.5D


  • Footjoy
    Since 1856
    Python Skin over Scotch Grain Calf
    “Spade Sole”
    Full Wing-Tip Brogue Oxford
    Circa 1980
    Euro 1250

    This is a one-of-a-kind special order from the American workrooms of the recognized premier Golf shoemaker in the world, know for it superlative exotic leather street and golf shoes. Originally (in the 1980s and 1990s) priced at $1500, this pair would be about double today if they were available at all to be ordered. They are not, however; Footjoy’s American workrooms are no more. Neither this or any of the other special order shoes is to be had, “even for ready money”.

    This shoe is a tour-de-force by this great shoemaker and it outdoes even their other superb exotic leather offerings. The lasting harkens to an earlier time, more in keeping with the mid-century or earlier, a so called “spade sole” and the interior form that goes with that shape. The pictures do not nearly do this masterpiece justice. This shoe has my highest personal recommendation.

    As with all Goodyear welted soles, they can easily be exchanged if ever you are able to wear it out, a doubtful eventuality as these are one day away from new. The build quality of Footjoy special order shoes is on a level comparable to the very best ready-mades in the world and the leathers used by Footjoy are equaled by very few.

    About Footjoy: Golfers the world round know that the finest traditional golf shoes are made and have been made throughout the 20th century by one shoemaker, The FootJoy Company. FootJoy began its operation as the Burt & Packard Shoe Company founded in Brockton Massachusetts in 1857. In 1927 the company took the name of its premier line of shoes, the FootJoy. Since then they have been the leading golf shoe on the PGA tour, the # 1 selling golf shoe in England and the undisputed leader in the manufacture of Golf Shoes in the world. Our interest here is in FootJoy’s fine, hand-made, classic street shoes made a generation ago for their gentleman clients. These vintage and antique FootJoys represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship and luxury, and are highly prized by collectors and aficionado of fine shoes.

    The Footjoy Compay: Golfer in der ganzen Welt wissen, dass die feinsten traditionellen Golf-Schuhe während des 20 Jahrhunderts von nur einem Schuhmacher hergestellt wurden, nämlich von “The Footjoy Company”. Die Firma begann als “Burt & Packard Shoe Company” und wurde 1857 in Brockton, Massachusetts gegründet. Im Jahr 1927 nahm die Company den Namen Ihres besten Produktes an und nannte sich von nun an “FootJoy”. Seither ist dieser Schuh der führende Golfschuh in den PGA-Turnieren, in England die Nummer 1 im Verkauf und der unumstrittene Führer aller Golfschuh-Fabrikanten weltweit. Natürlich gilt unser Interesse nicht der modernen, von Maschinen hergestellten, Massenware – die meist nichts als eben ein Sportschuh mit Cleats ist – sondern sie gilt FootJoy’s elegantestem, edelstem von Hand gearbeiteten Klassiker, der für Generationen Ihrer Kundschaft angefertigt wurde, sowohl als Strassen-Schuh, als auch für den Golf-Course. Diese antiken FootJoysstehen für absoluten Luxus und die Blütezeit der Schuhmacherkunst und werden bei Sammlern edler Schuhe und bei Afficionados aller Couleur hoch gehandelt.

    Size Details:

    European 41.5D.....US8.5D......UK7.5E, for the medium to somewhat wider foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    They appear to have been worn once only, thus, LIKE NEW.

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