*Neuwertig – PAUL FREDRICK Zippered, Gusseted, Cap-Toe Oxford Brogue: 41-41.5D (US 8-8.5)


VENDU à Monsieur R. S., Paris
  • Paul Fredrick
    American Shirtmakers
    Zippered, Gusseted, Cap-Toe Oxford Brogue

    Euro 440

    In terms of rarity, suffice it to say that I have never seen the like of this shoe, or any shoe that zippers closed at the quarters, where the lacing is expected. Nor have I ever shown a shoe with zippers in the entire career of this website. But this design is one-of-a-kind.  No doubt, when these were still available, more than this one item was made, presumable in many sizes, but the model itself is certainly one of a kind.

    Paul Fredrick is a well respected American shirtmaker who expanded into a really rather interesting line of men’s shoes, designed in-house but executed by a quality Italian jobber for re-branding. Notice the molded sole and the fastidious attention to detail in the making of the uppers. Both signals of quality manufacturing.  The particularly fine grade of leather is unfortunately difficult to see in these small photographs but it is lovely and should take to polish beautifully..

    In terms of design, they have taken a classic model, added side gussets and a zippered closure. The overall effect, if you agree with me, is very successful, eye catching and, because of the somewhat elongated front, flattering to the foot. This is nothing less than a collector’s item.

    Since listing this item I have had more than one request for it in other sizes. I regret, this is the only one example in captivity, nor have I been able to find another in the wild. Sorry if it is not your size, and congratulations, if it is.

    Size Details:

    Paul Fredrick sized their shoes in full sizes only, thus this shoe, marked US 8M, fits US 8 & 8.5D.

    Shoe Condition:

    These shoes are in excellent, nearly new condition, perhaps worn only once. on pavement. Showing trivial wear.

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