*Neuwertig JOHN LOBB Monk Strap, “Fould”: 41.5-42D


SOLD to Capt. C. C. R, Ft Benning, Ga.
  • John Lobb
    Monk Strap “Fould”
    Euro 550

    Little need be said about this good shoemaker, neither the family run shop in London nor its branch opened in Paris at the beginning of the last century and acquired by Hermès in 1976. John Lobb is of course, the premiere workshop for traditional English Shoes and stands noticeably above even the other superior shoemakers such as Church´s or Crockett & Jones, Alden, Weston etc., and along with Edward Green and (I believe) the old Peal & Co., is in the top category of shoemakers in the world. Ready made shoes from Lobb (Paris or London) are in the $1200-1600 category and John Lobb bespoke shoes start at £5000 for shoes and £1000 for shoe-trees. http://www.johnlobbltd.co.uk/pricelist/

    It is fair to say of this John Lobb model that it defines the Monk Strap shoe. It cannot be improved upon. You may own other monks for variety but you will always return to this shoe. It is the Platonic ideal from which all other monks spring and against which all others are measured.

    Size Details:

    UK 8E......US 8.5-9D...European 41.5-42D, for the mid-width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Excellent. Bottoms very lightly worn, tops like new.

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