*Neuwertig – HENRY KAYES Hand Sewn, Double Monk Strap: 43-43.5D


VENDU à Monsieur R. S., Paris
  • Henry Kayes
    Hand Sewn
    Double Monk Strap
    Circa 2005

    Euro 620

    Henry Kayes was a German firm, late of Stuttgart, tragically, since 2009, no longer in business. They produced a truly hand-made shoe on a level with Dinkelacher in quality but rather more “fashion forward” in style, witness the present shoe with it’s somewhat elongated toe anticipating today’s youthful fashion as early as a decade ago. The high quality they achieved with old-world production methods proved uneconomical nor could this relatively unknown firm fetch the retail prices of their established competitors, Laslo Vass, Dinkelacher, Eduard Meier and others of the Austrian-German-Hungarian “axis-of-cordwainers”. All the more’s the pity as they offered some artful variations on classic models, as seen here.

    Fully leather lined, hand sewn with closed channeled welt and combination heel. A well made shoe which once sold for Euro 700.

    Size Details:

    43-43.5D....US 10D....UK 9E, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Near new with thin rubber protective sole (removable) added.


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