*Neuwertig – GRENSON Zug (Scotch) Grain Calf, Full Brogue Oxford: 42.5-43D (US 9.5-10D)


  • Grenson
    Zug (Scotch) Grain Full Brogue Oxford
    Euro 380

    Zug (or the true, classic Scotch Grained) leather is a waterproof grained leather usually associated with Veldtschoen boots or military boots and shoes. Rightly so, as it is extremely robust, scuff-proof, virtually waterproof and presents a lustrus patina with a minimum of maintenance, characteristics that are essential in a hard working mountain, field or military boot but no less an advantage in any footwear.

    If you are traveling, specially in and out of bad weather, with no possibility of changing shoes or polishing them before your next meeting, these are the shoes you should choose; they will represent you as handsomely at the end of the day as in the beginning.

    I do not need to speak to the attractiveness of these shoes; that speaks eloquently for itself.

    About Grenson: In continuous operation since its founding by William Green in 1866, Grenson is one of the oldest and best English shoemakers with a long tradition of catering to the military and one of my favourite contemporary bootmakers. Grenson is one of the few shoemakers, perhaps unique in modern times, who have actually improved their quality in recent years, even as the quality of other shoemakers, even the most famous shoemakers, has visibly declined.  In contrast, Grenson’s boots and shoes are all uncompromisingly well made, the designs absolutely traditional, and do not resort to any extraneous decoration or misguided flights of fancy. Indeed Grenson has become one of my personal favorites, in recent years.

    A bit of history: Grenson is fondly remembered for its development during the war of a uniquely fashioned flyers boot with a fully lined and detachable leg with commando knife. In the event of being shot down the airman could remove the leg portion, leaving behind a simple black shoe to more easily blend into the population and evade captors. Now all he had to do was learn German overnight. Failing that, he had his commando knife, a romantic foil for the Wehrmacht’s Maschinenpistolen.

    Size Details:

    UK 9E....US 9.5D.....Continental 42.5-43D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Recently fitted with non-slip, all-weather, protective soles and heels.....and perhaps only worn once or twice since, thus nearly new, "neuwertig". Sold without trees but ask if you require custom fitted trees.

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