Neuwertig – GRENSON for Cole-Haan, Cap-Toe Oxford 41E


  • Grenson
    Made in England
    Euro 280

    Over the years, apart from their own production, Cole-Haan has retailed the products of various shomakers, some better, some worse. Among the more successful in terms of quality have been those of a shoemaker that is fast becoming the choice of many retailer in England and America; Grenson. This shoe was made especially for Cole-Haan’s New York and San Francisco flagship stores, dating from the period when Cole-Haan ventured into the high end of the market with products from Edward Green and Grenson. Cole-Haan has since retreated to Italian suppliers but the magnificent Greens and Grensons of the earlier years will not be forgotten by the gentlemen who had the good fortune to acquire a pair or more.

    This model is easily recognized as a quotation of the military dress uniform shoe worn for much of the 20th century by both English and American officers.

    Size Details:

    UK 7F......US 8E.....Continental 41E, for the mid- to somewhat wider width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Like new-Neuwertig. Showing first trivial scuffing to bottoms, otherwise new. Appears to have been worn once to try on.

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