*Neuwertig – FOOTJOY Split-Toe Norwegian, Circa 1990: 46D


  • Vintage Footjoy
    Special Order – Circa 1990
    Split-Toe Norwegian
    Euro 340

    This is an extremely robust shoe made by FootJoy in the same work rooms in which they produced the finest golf shoes in the world. Their fame is most deserved for both golf and street shoes as the durability of their products is second to none. A golf shoe must endure heavy use, miles of walking and often on poor surfaces and inclement weather. This street shoe which is unlikely to experience such extreme challenges is, nevertheless, made to that same standard, for a big or heavy man, finally, a shoe that will last.

    Apart from its painstaking construction and choice leather, this is a model with a wide variety of uses.

    Size Details:

    46D.......US 12D.......UK11E, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Superb, near new, perhaps worn only three or four time. Sold without trees.

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