Neuwertig FLORSHEIM IMPERIAL Double Sole NORWEGIAN: 46.5-47C/D


VENDU à M. le Col. T. de V.-G., Monaco
  • Florsheim Imperial
    Split-Toe, Hand- Raised-Apron Norwegian
    Euro 720

    Goodyear welted double sole, hand nailed and cleated heel, hand-sewn raised apron, 360 degree split-reverse storm welt.

    Florsheim made very few Norwegian Imperials on the same frame as their flagship double sole Full Brogue Imperial Budapester. This and two or three other examples are the only Florsheim Imperial Norwegians I have ever seen over the years. This should speak to the rarity of this model. To find one in this new condition is extreme good fortune. For the Florsheim aficianado, apart from being a rare and beautiful shoe and a collector’s item, ownership of this shoe is the only means of achieving a complete collection of the double-soled Imperials.

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