Neuwertig EDWARD GREEN, Tuczek Style Suede Brogued Gusseted Loafer: 46D.


  • Edward Green
    Tuczek Style Suede Brogued Gusseted Slipper
    Euro 540

    Little need be said about this good shoemaker. The present shoe is nearly new, a well-kept example in the greatest traditions of shoemaking. The sculpting of the sole moulded over the steel shank, the gentle flair at the ball of the foot, and the peaked vamp combine to produce a startlingly beautiful effect. This is a breathtaking shoe and it also a piece of history beyond price. The gusseted side elastic is in the tradition of the great master Nikolaus Tuczek, late of #17 Clifford Street, W1. For an example from the old Lobb catalogue of what they name “Tuczek Style”, see website.

    Mr. John Hunter Lobb confirmed to me in a phone conversation that, “We took over the remnant of Tuczek in 1968.” There can be little doubt that the style of this shoe owes much to that past master and Edward Green version succeeds in capturing the line and spirit in this shoe. Moreover the quality of Edward Greens velour-like suede here is incomparable. Church’s deservedly famous Cape Buck Suede sets its own standard for a thicker pile but, again, does not compete with the fine surface of Green’s leathers. There is no final judgment in matters of taste, but all agree that Edward Green is one of the greatest shoemakers in the world, ..…some say the greatest shoe maker, superior to Lobb. Like Voltare, who on his deathbed, when admonished by the priest to renounce the Devil, refused, saying that at that stage of his life he was reticent to offend anybody, who am I to offend either of the these titans. It is enough to say Edward Green’s workmanship is indisputably of the highest order and their ready-mades sell for as much as $1400 today.

    Size Details:

    UK 11E......US 12D.......European 46D, for the mid-width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Superb, near new!

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