Neuwertig E. VOGEL Bespoke Jodhpur Boot: 41.5D


  • E. Vogel
    Custom Boots & Shoes to Measure
    New York, N. Y.
    Classic Bespoke Jodhpur Boot
    Euro 650

    This was made to measure by E. Vogel, America’s most important Bespoke bootmaker and is featured in László Vass and Magda Molnár, Herrenschuhe Handgearbeitet, pg. 204. It is a true riding boot with low profile sole for excellent control in saddle and stirrup. A classic without extraneous embellishment, a gentleman’s boot, as suitable with a tailored suit as on horseback, a civilized shoe for town or country. Vogel boots and shoes generally require 4 months for delivery and cost $1600.

    E. Vogel Inc. was established in 1879 by Egidius Vogel in lower Manhattan and is still owned today by the 4th generation of the family. Vogel Boots and shoes have traditionally been considered to be the best American-made custom footwear, and their equestrian boots are internationally recognized. They have been selected repeatedly as the bootmaker for the United States Olympic Team including medalists Bill Steinkraus (first U.S. gold medalist), Rodney Jenkins, Greg Best, Melanie Smith, Joe Fargis and George Morris, as well as for the finest equestrian athletes worldwide.

    Size Details:

    This is a custom order shoe, unmarked as to size but by my careful measurements using shoemaker's lasts this is found to be a US 8.5D…..7.5E UK…….41.5D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Nearly new.

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