Neuwertig CROCKETT & JONES, GOISER-Welted, Field Boot, Commando Sole: 44D


SOLD to Mr. P. B., Ontario
  • Crockett & Jones
    for Polo
    Goiser Welted
    Full Brogue Field Boots
    All-Weather, All-Terrain
    Itshide “Commando” Sole

    This exceptional Full Wing-Tip Brogue Field (or Navvy) Boot boasts the rarest and most complex construction in shoemaking, the Goiser (or true Norwegian), twice-sewn construction (Pic. #7), in which both the welt and the top leather are turned outward and sewn to the street sole. The term “Norwegian” is used promiscuously to refer to several styles of shoe, notably the “Split-Toe Norwegian” with its outward turned moccasin-like apron and joining at the toe, and among Italian shoemakers, of a variety styles with decorative double sewn welts. Unlike in the present boot, the sewing is mostly non-functional and conceals construction even as rudimentary as Blake Stitching. Very few of those are the true complex Goiser/Norwegian construction, as shown here.

    The term “Goiser” is derived from Bad Goisern in the Salzkammergut region of Austria. This construction was once commonly found in hand-made all-purpose mountain shoes worn in that region of the Alps and was intended to prevent water from entering through the seams. This is a modern boot but this type of construction is an anachronism today a technique long out of practice and very rarely encountered in an English or American boot or shoe.

    This is a particularly handsome Field Boot made to Polo’s specifications by Crockett & Jones and is suitable for town or country. Civilized for town, unapologetic for country. It resembles other Crockett models but do not confuse it with them. This is a much sturdier shoe than any other Crockett Boot and is made of full-grain cowhide not split-grain so it is a real boot, not a shoe masquerading as one. Moreover they feature the best all-weather, all-terrain sole on the market, the Itshide “Commando” sole. Goodyear welting allows you to re-sole the boot easily in years to come, but it is difficult to imagine ever wearing out the Itshide sole. Fully and beautifully lined in tan glove leather and the tongue is gusseted to further repel water.

    Size Details:

    UK 9.5E…….US 10.5D…….European 44D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Superb condition in all respects save the first slightest rubbing to the heels. As a practical matter, like new...neuwertig! Sold without trees.

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