*Neuwertig – CROCKETT & JONES for Polo Suede Kiltie Tassel Brogued Loafer: 44.5D


SOLD to Mr. A. P., Gent
  • Crockett & Jones
    Polo – Ralph  Lauren
    Suede Kiltie Tassel Brogued Loafer
    Euro 380

    I believe no wardrobe is complete without a suede loafer, and this model has everything; kiltie, tassels and a brogued wing tip, as sporting a shoe as there is!

    The actual colour is the just the right dusty, warm, medium-brown. The quality of the suede, again, difficult to see in the photos, is Crockett’s well-known, superior velour-like, soft-to-the-touch top-quality, full-grain calfskin suede. This is a somewhat unusual and I might say successful variation on the standard Loafer. Leave it Ralph Lauren to commission this delightfully cultivated design, just the right allowable departure from the standard to confers distinction on the wearer.

    I am personally a great fan of suede and I find this loafer at once fancy and relaxed, a design that takes the simplest of all shoes, the loafer, to another level.  Remember too that Suede shoes improve with age and weathering; they become more handsome with a few years and miles on them and are simple to maintain; just wait until dry and brush and wear! Originally a Euro 650+ value. My old clients know what I mean when I say “my personal recommendation on this shoe”.



    Size Details:

    Marked an US 11D.........UK 10E.......Continental 44.5D, correct for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Superb, perhaps worn only a few times.

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