*Neuwertig – Church’s ALAN McAFEE, All-Weather Suede Cap-Toe Oxford: 42D (US 9D)


  • (Church’s) Alan McAfee
    Suede All-weather Cap-Toe Oxford
    High Profile Itshide Commando Sole
    Euro 340

    This is an indestructible, Goodyear welted shoe, employing, arguably, the finest high-profile, all-weather, all-terrain rubber soles in the world, Itshide’s Command Sole. It certainly is the most copied. Moreover, the additional 360 degree “split reverse welt” (storm welt) provides further protection against the elements. These incredibly robust shoes are beautifully leather lined by Church’s under their McAfee label. The suede itself is of the type that survives abuse, repeated wetting and drying and can be said to even improve with age and weathering. These are the type of shoe that become more handsome with a few years and miles on them and are simple to maintain; just wait until dry and brush and wear! These are shoes for any weather and any surface….and you arrive correctly dressed for most occasions.

    Size Details:

    UK 8E, thus a US 9D, and a continental 42D, correct for the medium width foot

    Shoe Condition:

    No detectable wear to bottoms, none to tops. Sold without trees.

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