*Neuwertig – BOTTICELLI Brass Mounted “Flying Jodhpur” Dress Boot: 44.5D (US 11D)


    Brass Mounted “Flying Jodhpur” Dress Boot
    Euro 580

    Botticelli’s version of the “Flying” Jodhpur is distinguished by its Brass fitting at toe and heel, a handsome decorative touch to an already more than usually elegant dress boot. The generous lift of the modified Western heel affords a little extra height to the wearer while the richness and depth of colour of the fine Italian leather show discreetly under the trouser leg and the full glove leather lining promises unequaled comfort. This is in every way a “dress” boot, suitable for every dress, casual or formal, short of “full dress”.

    This is vintage boot from the original Botticelli store on 5th Avenue and not to be confused with the firms present offerings. They have moved twice since then, first to Rockefeller Center then to an East 44th street location, each time with, I am sorry to say, a less interesting inventory,

    Size: US 11D……UK 10E…….Continental 44.5D, for the medium width foot.

    Condition: All original soles and heels showing almost no wear. Trivial creasing to tops, overall excellent. Sold without trees.

    Both the Jodhpur Boot (named for the Maharaja of Jodhpur) and the Chukka Boot derive from the 19th century British presence in India, and the discovery of the game of Polo in the 1850s by British tea planters on the Burmese border with India. The Jodhpur boot was readily adapted by the British at home for it handsome appearance and practical use on or off horseback. It quickly became a staple of the Gentleman’s wardrobe and has never since gone out of style.

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