*Neuwertig – ASOS, Black Velvet Tassel Loafer/Slipper: 42D (US9D))


  • ASOS
    Black Velvet-Velour Tassel Loafer/Evening Slipper

    Euro 160

    With full non-slip rubber soles and heels, this sleek, handsome loafer/slipper (sometimes called the Prince Albert slipper since favored by Queen Victoria’s consort) is ideal not only for elegant evening wear but for your daytime leisure dress as well; perfect with jeans, for instance.

    Appears new but as I cannot be absolutely sure, I have called in “Neuwertig” or “like new”.

    Size Details:

    UK8E........US9D......Continental 42D, fuer den mittel-breiten Fuss.

    Shoe Condition:

    Superb, neuwertig.

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