*Neuwertig – ALDEN Raised Apron, Full Strap, Black SHELL CORDOVAN Loafer: 41.5E-42D (US 8.5-9D)


SOLD to Mr. O. L., London
    “Hand Sewn Raised Apron”
    Black Shell Cordovan Full Strap Penny Loafer

    Euro 540

    The classic Shell Cordovan Loafer, as shown here, certainly has an important place in the gentleman’s wardrobe. And this one is Alden’s classic model, the Full Strap Penny Loafer with a hand raised apron.  Made up in peerless Horween Shell Cordovan, this is a shoe that will serve the owner for literally decades. The full strap, reaching from welt to welt, is a natural reinforcement where the vamp connects with the sides, the weak point of every loafer, thus practical as well as more organic in design than the “applied” strap.

    Black Shell Cordovan, far less frequently seen than the usual burgundy toned cordovan, is an exceedingly handsome, elegant and, unsurprisingly, very useful color…it complements so much of the wardrobe, from a dark suit to jeans. Truly a staple in the gentleman’s shoe collection.


    Size Details:

    Size: marked 7.5E for the English market, thus a US size 8.5D or Continental 41.5D. However, we know that Alden is generous in their sizing (my actual measurements prove this out) so this shoe will fit a 42D US 9D perfectly well too. US 8E but because of Alden's infamous over-sizing, I would call this a US 8.5E-9D.....UK 7.5F-8E.......Continental 41.5E-42D.

    Shoe Condition:

    Tops excellent. Bottoms newly restored with non-slip Vibram brand low profile rubber soles....and not worn since. The original McAfee style dove-tailed combination heels showing almost no wear. All in all, a superb -neuwertig- example of this most desirable shoe.

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