*Neuwertig ALDEN “Goiser” Split-Toe NORWEGIAN:43-43.5E.


VENDU a Monsieur R. S., Paris.
  • Alden of New England
    “Goiser”-Norwegian Welted
    Split-Toe, Hand-Raised Apron Norwegian
    Euro 680

    Very few Norwegian shoes, that is to say, shoes with a raised apron and split toe are constructed with the traditional Norwegian welting, also known as Goiser welting (a term taken from Bad Goisern in the Salzkammergut region of Austria. This construction was once commonly found in hand-made all-purpose mountain shoes worn in that region of the Alps and was intended to prevent water from entering through the seams. The present shoes of the uncommon true Goiser construction, all the more rare from an American shoemaker. In this type of construction, both the split reverse welt and the top leather are turned outward and sewn to the street sole, as shown in photos here. This is the most complex of all shoe construction techniques and very few such shoes are produced in the world. I have never seen another by Alden and only one other by Florsheim.

    This shoe is a collector’s item, eminently wearable, indestructible and unworn after a professional restoration with protective rubber sole and McAfee style dove-tailed combination heels. There is no doubt that Alden produces among the best-made American shoes and this is a premiere example of their very fine work. I have never seen another Goiser constructed shoe by Alden. This is an item for the advanced collector.

    Model Number: 0317 029 10 and 2908Y0.

    Size Details:

    US 10E (UK 9F) (Continental 43-43.5E), for the medium to somewhat wider foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Excellent superb. Tops near new. No wear to speak of to heels, none to restored rubber protective soles.

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