[Central European Master Series] *Neuwertig 1950 HUNGARIAN Master ISTVÁN FEHÉR (Père) Bespoke Spectator: 42.5D


VENDU à Monsieur R.S., Paris
  • Custom-Made/Bespoke/Hand Sewn/Wooden Nailed
    3-Leather Ventilated Spectator & Original 3-Piece Shoe Trees
    by Hungarian Master
    István Fehér (Père)
    His Personal Shoe!
    Circa 1950
    Euro 680

    This collector’s item is from another era of shoemaking, another “technology”, the rarely-to-be-seen-today ancestor of the great contemporary Central European shoemakers of Munich, Vienna and Budapest. The welt is hand sewn -pre-Goodyear welting- and the instep is nailed with wooden nails in the antique Central European tradition. This masterwork harkens to the days and ways of the K.und K, an historically important museum piece destined for the avid collector. It is difficult to date this shoe precisely except to say that the luxurious half calfskin / half cloth lining is of another time and the highly individual styling is suggestive of the mid-century or earlier. We know from the information given by the master’s daughter in-law that this particularr shoe was made by and worn by István Fehér, Père, of Győr, Hungary, where too was located the workshop in which he worked with his son for most of the 20th century. Further evidence of the origin of this shoe is to be found in the website:

    http://www.kisalfold.hu/gyori_hirek/kutatomernokbol_lett_cipesz/2041213/ In it is to be seen István Fehér, Fils, the son, there already no longer young, holding what appears to be a pair of shoes-in-the-making, a direct copy of his father’s original design made decades earlier, the shoe, we are told, worn by his father to special occasions and the shoe shown in this listing. Neither father nor son are living today but their active production spanned more than a century. Suffice it to say that this shoe and another example by the son also listed in the website are of immense historical importance. Notice the perforated vamp, the suede quarters and the discreet brogueing; together with the characteristic tall toe-cap of the Budapester, these make a singular impression, one that fairly broadcasts its bespoke origins.

    Original 3-Piece Shoe Trees are included.

    Size Details:

    (custom-made, thus unmarked as to size, however, by my own measurements): Continental 42,5D....UK 8,5E.....US 9,5D, for the mid-width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Superb, showing trivial wear, first slight rolling of the heel and with a new rubber sole protector added.

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