*NETTLETON, SHELL CORDOVAN Derby, Circa 1980: 44.5C


  • Nettleton
    Shell Cordovan
    Plain Front Derby Brogue
    Circa 1980
    Euro 240

    Nettleton, einer der einst grossen amerikanischen Schuhmacher, wurde 1879 in Syracuse, New York gegründet und blieb für fast genau 100 Jahre in Betrieb. Die Fabrik wurde in den 80ern in Apartments und Räume für Grosshandel umgewandelt. Nettleton hat exzellente Qualitäts-Schuhe gearbeitet, denen von Hanover und Florsheim durchaus ähnlich. Nettleton ist ebenfalls bekannt dafür, dass die Firma den 1. Loafer weltweit patentiert bekam! Unter ihren Kunden fanden sich Charles Lindbergh, General “Black Jack” Pershing und die Wright Brüder; eine wichtige und einflussreiche Firma in der Geschichte amerikanischer Schuhmacherkunst.

    Dieses antik Paar von Nettleton ist aus Full-Grain Horween Shell Cordovan-Pferdeleder gearbeitet, gefüttert mit feinem Glove-Leather“, rahmengenäht, “All-Weather” Gummisohle. Dies ist ein sehr feiner und äusserst luxuriöser Schuh, absolut schlicht im Design. Insgesamt ein glamouröses Stück, das nicht so bald wiederzusehen sein wird. Ein idealer Schuh für “Town or Country”.

    Size Details:

    44.5C......(US 11C)….(UK 10D), für den etwas schmalleren Fuss.

    Shoe Condition:

    Sohle leicht getragen, Absatz renoviert.

  • Nettleton
    Shell Cordovan
    Plain Front Derby
    Circa 1980
    Euro 280
    This is one of the last examples of this iconic American shoe produced by the firm.

    Nettleton, one of the great erstwhile American Shoemakers, was founded in 1879 in Syracuse, New York and remained in existence for almost exactly 100 years. The cost to produce shoes of this quality made Nettleton uncompetitive with the, then, relatively new influx of stylish but light-weight Italian shoes and the firm, with its old fashioned management and its ageing workforce, unable to adapt to changing market condition, succumbed to the inevitable. The factory was converted to apartments and retail space in the 1980s.

    It is sad to note that for many years the old firm of Nettleton was bankrupted out of existence, their good name sold to marketing interests to adorn contemptibly plebian product made off shore. But good news is on the way; an inspired group of seasoned shoe manufacturing professionals has taken over the remnants of the old Nettleton firm and is preparing to produce a fine custom range of traditional models under this grand old name. More information on this presently.

    Nettleton produced an excellent quality shoe, similar to those of Hanover and Florsheim, and they are remembered for having patented the first loafer in the world! Their clients included Charles Lindbergh, General “Black Jack” Pershing, and the Wright Brothers; they were an important firm in the history of the American shoemaker.

    This vintage Cordovan Derby by Nettleton, with double sole and additional split-reverse-welt (storm welt) is far superior in build and finish than most shoes on the market today with build quality to competes with Florsheim’s best and positively superior to almost any ready-made shoe today, including J. Lobb and E. Green…and more than a few custom-made shoes as well.

    Size Details:

    US 10.5C….(UK 9.5D).......Continental 44C, for the somewhat narrower foot.
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