*Near new – FOOTJOY All-Weather Lizard/Suede Spectator Oxford: 41.5D (US 8.5D)


  • Footjoy
    Since 1856
    Eidechsenleder / Lizard
    Special Make-Up
    High Profile, All-Weather Spectator

    Circa 1980
    Euro 880

    The listing on either side of this one were special orders from the factory when it was still possible to obtain them. With the closing of FootJoy’s American workshop, that and everything to do with FootJoy’s exotic leather shoes is relegated to the past. But the desire for this configuration with the full rubber walking sole continues. I have had countless enquiries about these shoes, long after they were sold out. In response to this, I have had my shoemaker convert one of these exotic leather spectators into what I believe to be the ideal walking shoe.

    A layer of soft rubber was first applied over the Goodyear welted leather sole without disturbing the integrity of the shoe. Over that soft leather anther layer of harder, more durable rubber was applied to both soles and heels, creating not only a supremely comfortable shoe with a soft “footfall” but also a long-lasting one.

    I am looking for other shoes of this kind to convert but they are not easy to find in top condition so, so far, we will have to make due with this one pair. If it is your size, do not hesitate.

    Lizard Footjoys are perhaps the finest and the rarest shoes for golf or street to be seen outside of a museum….and certainly the most beautiful. The skins are artfully arranged, with fine and coarse patterned pieces distributed for maximum effect, and all perfectly matched between shoes. And that rich honey colour that you see in the photos; it is even more beautiful in real like.

    When FootJoy’s American fatory was still in existance, in 2008, this shoe cost $1500 plus the cost of conversion, plus tax, and required 16-20 weeks for delivery. Imagine what they would cost today, 15 years later. Moreover, these shoes were not available for export outside the United States and were non-returnable to Footjoy if it did not fit you. [I ship worldwide and guarantee fit. My sales are fully returnable for this or any other shoe.]

    Size Details:

    US 8.5D.....UK 7.5E.....Continental 41.5D, for the medium-width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Tops near new; neuwertig. bottoms, brand new, never worn.

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