*Near new- FERRAGAMO Monk Strap Slip-On: 46D (US12D)


  • Salvatore Ferragamo
    Monk Strap Slip-On
    Euro 360 Euro 280

    Zusammen mit Testoni und Moreschi ist Salvatore Ferragamo die italienische Edelmanufaktur für handgemachte, traditionelle Schuhe. Ferragamo setzt die alte Tradition handgemachter Schuhe fort, unter der Benutzung feinsten Kalbsleders.

    This is a charming, handsome and surprisingly detailed The “antique” finish and the elongated toe make this rather fashion-forward Monk Strap an absolutely up-to-the-moment shoe. Originally $750 (plus tax) in New York or San Francisco, this is a bargain for the right young gentleman at less than half the price.

    A word about SALVATORE FERRAGAMO: Born in Naples, Italy, in 1898. He made his first pair of shoes for his sister at the age of 9. His parents were poor farmers and could not buy shoes for his sisters to go to church for their first communion. Salvatore borrowed materials from the village cobbler and made them himself. At age 14 after studying shoemaking in Naples, he opened his first shop with 6 workmen. Yet more amazingly, at the age of 16, he moved to California and opened a shoemaking shop in Santa Barbara! Unsatisfied with the beautiful but uncomfortable shoes of the era, he studied anatomy at the University of Southern California. After some experimentation, he perfected the steel arch support that he inserted into the instep of every shoe. Soon he relocated to Hollywood, where for more than 30 years he shod the whole galaxy of film stars from Lillian Gish in the silent era to Marilyn Monroe in more recent times. Greta Garbo once purchased 70 pairs of shoes in one visit to Ferragamo’s shop. His beautiful shoes filled the pages of the world’s top fashion magazines and the firm expanded tremendously into prêt-a-portez with predictable compromises. Nevertheless, in the Ferragamo firm’s “Studio Line” and their their hand made, limited production, top boutique offering, the Tramezza line, his successors honour the great tradition of the old master, Salvatore, who is now cobbler to the angels.

    Size Details:

    46D….UK 11E ….US 12D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Near new. Excellent original condition, no significant wear to heel or soles. Neuwertig.

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