*Near new – CROCKETT & JONES for PEAL & CO., Brooks Bros. Perforated Suede Full Brogue Oxford: 44.5D (US 11D)


  • Crockett & Jones
    Peal & Co. / Brooks Brothers
    “Sand” Colour Perforated Suede Full Brogue Oxford
    Euro 380

    In spite of Brooks Brothers’ advertising, Peal & Co. exists today in name only. Founded in 1802, they were a venerable bespoke shoemakers for much of the 20th century (the favourite shoemaker of the Prince of Wales and Mrs. Simpson, Fred Astaire and others) and survived into the 1960’s when the rights to the name were bought by Brooks Brothers. Brooks had marketed superb Edward Green shoes under the Peal name from the 1950’s onward to the 1970 when they replaced Green with Crockett & Jones production.

    This handsome Perforated Suede Full Brogue Oxford is of modern Crockett production and is Crockett’s best quality shoe, on a level with their “Hand Grade” shoe, Goodyear welted, with non-slip sole and combination heel and it is entirely leather lined. Suede is difficult to photograph and here again the pictures of this supremely elegant shoe are inadequate. The quality of the suede, again, difficult to see in the photos, is Crockett’s well-known superior velour-like, soft-to-the-touch top-quality, full-grain calfskin suede, in a lovely “sand” colour. I am unable to see a difference between this and other Peal products compared to certain ready-made traditional models marketed by John Lobb. I suspect that they are made in the same factory and merely branded differently. Bought here or at Brooks, the Peal products are an excellent value and indistinguishable from Lobbs at literally twice the price. You have my personal recommendation on this elegant shoe.

    About the model: The suede Half Brogue Oxford along with the Full Brogue is the classic daytime shoe of choice in London’s “City”, financial district. Seen worn with pin-stripes, gray flannels and other business wear, they are the height of elegance and precisely in the English Taste. Naturally a lovely shoe like this in exactly the right tone of dusty-brown is a perfect complement too to your baggy tweeds, old khakis, homespun checks or ancient field jackets inherited from a departed relative. In short an ideal shoe for surveying your estates or a foray into the village for a pint with the townsfolk.

    Size Details:

    US 11D......UK10E......Continental 44.5D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    A store model from the San Francisco Brooks Brothers store, Worn only to try on. Like new. Colour: "sand". Non-slip soles and McAfee style "dove-tailed" combination heels

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