*Near new-BESPOKE GRAMAC, England, Suede Full Brogue Oxford: 46.5D (US 12.5)


    Custom-Made/ Bespoke
    Suede Full Brogue Oxford, Circa 1970

    Euro 550

    This is a particularly finely made bespoke shoe by England’s erstwhile prescription shoemaker Gra-Mac. The super-fine stitching of the welt is channel-sewn and skived (the channel closed over or “healed”). The brogueing and zig-zag edging are finer and subtler than in most shoes, as is the close-cut sole, lending a refined aire to this exceptional elegant suede brogue.  The heel treatment is unusual for England, more a Central European style but the shape of the last is very English and the full leather lining suggest a decade, at least, since the end of the war. The colour, needless to say, is just the right traditional gentleman’s-brown. I cannot recommend a more handsome daytime shoe for town or country than this pair. As correct with blue and gray suitings or flannel bags, as with every and any earth tones or khakis.

    SIZE: Custom made thus unmarked for size but using shoemaker’s lasts of known size, I determine that this is a generous US 12.5D, medium width, thus UK 11.5E and Continental 46.5D, for the medium width foot.

    CONDITION: Appears to have been worn no more than a few times, thus showing no appreciable wear above or below; near new, “neuwertig”.  Sold without trees.


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