*Near new – AUBERCY Suede Monk Strap: 44.5-45D (US 11-11.5D)


  • Aubercy
    Est. 1935
    34 Rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris

    Hand-Sewn Welt, Suede Monk Strap
    Euro 580

    Founded by René and André Aubercy in 1935, the firm has been located at 34 Rue Vivienne since its creation and remains in the 3rd generation of family ownership, with Xavier Aubercy at the reins, today. Aubercy is known for producing extremely high-end luxury footwear in the classic taste. It’s output is miniscule compared to the other high-end French shoemakers, J. M. Weston, Corthay or Berluti, but in the opinion of many, superior in construction to them.

    Leaving aside their questionable excursion into the overpriced snob market with their sold out, limited edition, “Diamond” collection at over Euro 4000, Aubercy’s bespoke shoes at half that price take approximately 4 months to deliver. Finally, their superbly made ready-to-wear offerings, as shown here, start at a mere Euro 1400, nevertheless, remarkably, are almost completely hand made.

    This lovely classic monk strap in finest velour finished calfskin suede has a discreet sold brass buckle and combination heel. It is hand welted into a closed channel, as in the finest bespoke shoe making.

    Size Details:

    Europear 44.5-45D.......US 11-11.5D.......UK 10-10.5E, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Suede is all but impossible to photograph but suffice it to say the suede here is in excellent condition. The soles and heels are all original and show no actual wear. Soles have had new protective, non-slip Vibram soles added, ideal against cold and wet in this season but providing additional comfort in every season.
    Contrary to conventional wisdom, high quality suede is remarkably low maintenance and easy to clean, even muddied or wet. A nice rinse or shampoo, let dry, brush up the nap and good as new.

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