Near New – ALLEN EDMONDS Sharkskin Full Brogue, Circa 1970: 42 WIDE (US 9 Wide)


  • Vintage Allen Edmonds
    Special Order – Circa 1970
    Genuine Sharkskin
    Full Wing-Tip Derby Brogue
    Euro 680

    Judging from the workmanship and treatment of the lining, this shoe most likely dates from the 1970’s. These marvelous Sharkskin Full Brogues are beautifully hand-lasted, Goodyear welted, entirely edge-bound. The skins are soft and pliable as new. Sharkskin is extremely durable, understandably water resistant and equally resistant to dyeing. The original colour of most of these skins is a reddish-brown undertone with a superficial second colour on the raised surfaces, typically another tone of brown; this particular shoe is unusual as the for the black overtones. This material, among the rarest from which shoes can be made, far more rare than any Alligator shoe, possesses a quiet elegance that signal extremes of luxury without the slightest ostentation, a glamourous shoe, extravagantly elegant in the handwork, finishing and materials and still absolutely understated.

    The use of Sharkskin in the making of shoes, now no longer done for reasons of conservation, is a largely American phenomenon. The two major producers were Footjoy and Allen Edmonds. One does see quite some variation from one pair to the next in the selection of skins; these being a rather longer grain than used in the usual examples. The effect is sleek and very elegant.

    I cannot sufficiently emphasize the rarity of such a shoe. This vintage pair of special order Brogues are nothing less than works of art, museum-pieces, destined for the passionate and knowledgeable collector. An indestructible and, not surprisingly, rather waterproof shoe. Only available today from a custom shoemaker, thus the replacement cost must be seen to be in the thousands. Goodyear welted, of course..

    Size Details:

    US.9 WIDE...,...UK 8 WIDE......Contiental 43 WIDE, for the WIDE foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Superb, near new, slightest possible wear to original sole and heel. An extra fine example of this rare shoe in a rare size.

  • Antique Allen Edmonds
    Special Order – Circa 1970
    Véritable Cuir de Requin de Baha-Californie
    Derby Bout Golf Fleuri
    (Full Wing-Tip Derby Brogue)
    Euro 680

    Voilà une chaussure classique on ne peut plus soigneusement montée, datant des meilleures années de fabrication d’un grand bottier, et faite dans le plus admirable des cuirs Requin Pacifique. Son grain caractéristique confère à cette chaussure un charme discret tout en dotant votre garde-robes d’une touche luxueuse que ce soit pour votre tenue de tous les jours, de sport ou de campagne. Somme toute, c’est une chaussure fort appréciable, d’une belle ligne classique, élégante et robuste à la fois (le roquin étant un des cuirs les plus solides qui soient), et qui se patinera au cours des années d’un lustre inégalable. Nous nous trouvons devant une véritable rareté censée soulever l’intérêt de mes clients-collectionneurs les plus exigents. Etat: pratiquement neuf. Malgré leur âge, 40 ans environ, le dessus est d’un toucher parfaitement doux et souple, les semelles d’origine ne présentant que de légères éraflures (traces d’usure). La chaussure est entièrement doublée d’un des meilleurs cuirs de Box-calf.

    Frais de poste : 24,20 € en France; pour le reste d’Europe contacter moi, s.v.p.

    Size Details:

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