*Near new ALLEN EDMONDS All-Weather GOISER NORWEGIAN: US 12-13 Narrow (46-47 Narrow)


  • Allen Edmonds
    5-Eyelet Split-Toe, Goiser Welted Norwegian
    Euro 380 Euro 280

    True Norwegian (or “Goiser”, from the Austrian mountain region of that name) construction is the most complicated construction in shoemaking, utilizing a twice-sewn “split reverse welt”, employed for it water-repellent properties.

    In my more than half-century of collecting, .this particular example of the Goiser method is the single most intricately made shoe that I have ever seen to originate in the Allen Edmonds workrooms The leather chosen for this shoe is a lovely, mottled, “antique” brown calfskin, provided by the best tannery in the world, Horween, and promises to develop a depth of colour that will only improve with time. With its proprietary full rubber sole, Goodyear welted of course, this is a no-nonsense, no-compromise, indestructible shoe for the gentleman and ideal year round. There is no doubt that Allen Edmonds produces among the best-made contemporary American shoes and, with Alden, remains the best seller on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Size Details:

    US 12-13 Narrow.

    Shoe Condition:

    Excellent overall. All original and showing no wear to tops or bottoms. Neuwertig. At most worn to try on, one or twice.

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