*Mid-Century FLORSHEIM KANGAROO 6-Eyelet Cap-Toe Oxford, Circa 1940: 44D (US 10.5D)


VENDU à Monsieur L. D., Lausanne
  • Antique FLORSHEIM
    Kangaroo Hide
    6-Eyelet, Cap-Toe Oxford
    Circa 1940
    Euro 440

    The history of Kangaroo skin in the making of shoes is over 100 years old, with the apogee of its use being in the early part of the 20th century. Kangaroo skin outlasts calf skin in its resistance to drying and cracking and a surprising number of examples of shoes in this material exist after 80 or more years, while most calfskin shoes of that vintage have long become unwearable. With it strong fine grain, Kangaroo leather develops a lovely patina over time and use, and this present pair, most likely dating from 1940s, having seen considerable use and new soles and heels at least once,  remains perfectly serviceable, a testament to the durability of this material.

    This shoe is among the early originals, the grandfather, so to speak, of the modern gentleman’s shoe in fashion for more than a century. Something of a “find” too, as Kangaroo leather has been out of use for decades and such a shoe as this is not to be seen in the shops today. This Florsheim heritage piece is an eminently wearable collector’s item for the advanced collector,

    Size Details:

    US 10.4D.....UK 9.5E.....Continental 44D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Well worn, resoled and re-heeled in the past and showing some age, not surprisingly for a 70+ year old antique.

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