*LOTUS ALL-WEATHER Derby, Itshide Sole: 41-41.5D (US 8-8.5D) (US 7.5E)


  • Lotus Hallmark
    “Dunster III”
    All-Weather, Itshide Sole Derby
    Euro 280

    This charming, practical and indestructible English-made Derby by Lotus, their best product from the Hallmark line, boasts the premiere sole in the industry by the British sole maker of choice, Itshide. The close-polished finish of this shoe will repell water better than most leathers and, with the medium profile, Goodyear welted Itshide rubber sole and heel, this massive all-weather shoe will take you anywhere, on pavement or off-road, in town or country, in rain or shine, in bull or bear markets, in haste or at your liesure….and do so in style. The rich brown will to age beautifully during the years of its service to come and reward the owner with exactly the lovely patina we look forward to.

    Size Details:

    (US 8-8,5D) (UK 7.5E) Continental 41-41.5 D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Showing no wear to bottoms and slight creasing to tops, in other words, like new.

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