*LOAKE for HERRING, Tassel Loafer, “The Ascot”: 43-43.5D


Réservé pour Monsieur R. S., Paris
  • Loake for Herring
    Standard Tassel Loafer
    “The Ascot”

    Euro 160

    This is Herring’s best-selling traditional loafer, the Ascot, made in England for them by Loake. A handsome, practical, durable, no-nonsense, Goodyear welted shoe in the Euro 300 range and a basic in the wardrobe.

    Size: UK 9F….US 10D/E…..Continental 43-43.5D/E, for the medium width foot. (Loakes’ “F”, unlike that of other makers, indicates “medium” width.

    Condition: Original sole showing minimal wear, heel replaced and showing no wear. Tops excellent.

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