*Like new-CABALLERO, Gray Velour Suede Dress Jodhpur Boot 44D (US 10.5D)


  • Caballero
    Classic Full Strap Dress Jodhpur Boot
    Blue-Gray Velour Calfskin Suede
    Euro 420

    The uses of this exceptionally lovely Powder Blue-Gray Velour-Quality Suede Boot are limited only by your imagination. You may have a full shoe complement in your wardrobe but do you have such a pair as these? As handsome with a blue suit as with jeans, daytime or night, city or country, home or abroad, on land or sea, on the Earth or in orbit, you are not likely to see another pair of these, worn by anyone else.

    Cabalierro is a small family owned shoemaker taking orders for their off-shore factory producing shoes and boots hand-made-to-order. The hand sewing of the sole into an open chanel indicates the type of hand construction. Indeed, this pair was originally made-to-order, the style and leather specified by the client, the time to manufacture and deliver approximately 12 weeks, but this one item, in this one size, shown here, is available immediately.

    My own inclination, especially in this season, would be to add a thin protective, easily replaced, non-slip, “Topy” rubber sole, both for added comfort and for long life of the sole.  This can be done here at modest cost, before sending these beauties out to you; just ask.

    Size Details:

    44D…..US 10.5D….UK 9.5E, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Like new; worn once or twice only.. Neuwertig. Sold wihtout trees.

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