*K SHOES, Made in England, All Weather Full Brogue Oxford, Commando Soles: 41.5E (US 8.5E)


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  • K Shoes
    Made in England
    Est. 1842-2003
    All Weather, All Terrain Full Brogue Oxford
    Itshide High Profile “Commando” Sole

    Euro 380

    In 1990 K Shoe Shops and K Shoemakers experienced a rapid decline and ever increasing redundancies as world recession took its toll and the retail trade in particular declined significantly. Offices and factories were closed. The important Lancaster factory stopped production. Finally, on 2nd May 2003, Natland Road Springer Factory produced the last K Shoes that were to be made.

    Jonathan de F. Somervell, in his erudite and highly readable history of the firm, K Shoes | Industrial History of Cumbria [http://www.cumbria-industries.org.uk/a-z-of-industries/footwear/k-shoes/] writes, “All that now remains of the company founded by Robert Miller Somervell in 1842, which in its heyday employed 20% of the working population of Kendal and had at least one member of every family in the town on its books, is a small repair factory and a warehouse.” Behind these poignant words lurk the wonder and the tragedy of the industrial revolution, its politics and its evolution. While we, the privileged, enjoy the fruits of industry, how many artisans and craftsmen are displaced and impoverished by market forces that are beyond their understanding or control? To the buyer of these shoes; wear them with the greatest of pleasure and pride -these are right and proper English goods- but wear them also with appreciation for the dedication -the life’s work- of anonymous cordwainers, redundant now, in a dying industry.

    With production ended and their retail stores closed, very few examples of this consummately English firm’s products are to be found now, a dozen years later, certainly not the excellent all weather, all-terrain brogue fitted with the fines (and much imitated) Itshide Commando sole.  This pair is a “find” for the lover of tradition and it is a piece of English history.

    Size Details:

    marked UK 8. By my measurements, this is a 41.5E, for the medium to slightly wider foot but also suitable for a 42D, a medium width foot. Sold without trees.

    Shoe Condition:

    Very light wear to tops or bottoms. Sold without trees.

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