*JOHN LOBB Vintage BESPOKE Black Suede Full Brogue Oxford, Circa 1970: 44-44.5D (US 10.5-11D)


SOLD to Mynheer M. H., Vianen
  • John Lobb
    England, Circa 1970
    Bespoke Black Suede Full Brogue Oxford

    Euro 1450

    All original, the last word for the collector, a museum piece but eminently wearable, this is among the most elegant, not to mention, rarified of shoe available anywhere. Black suede is certainly not unknown but far less common (and rather more elegant, in its own way) than the ubiquitous brown variety. I am a great fan of both but this shoe is gorgeous.

    Suede is difficult to photograph but be assured that this is a deep, rich black colour, however it might appear on your display. The quality and beauty of the leather too are what you would expect from the bespoke offerings of this premiere shoemaker, especially in its cottage-workroom heyday, the 1970s. And please notice the sculpted, slim-waisted, “spade” sole of this masterpiece. Indeed the photos can hardly do justice to this work of art.

    The effect of this shoe on the connoisseur who sees you wearing it is incomparable. Imagine wearing this shoe when visiting your own shoemaker or popping into Lobb’s shop in London, Paris or New York. It would be as if you entered an art gallery with the Mona Lisa under your arm. With this acquisition you are at once transported into the inner circle of shoe connoisseurs and cognoscenti. Since this pair bears the earlier three Royal Warrants, one can only imagine that you have inherited it.

    John Lobb bespoke shoes start at £5000 for shoes and £1000 for shoe-trees, plus VAT 20%. http://www.johnlobbltd.co.uk/pricelist/  

    Size Details:

    These are custom made so unmarked as to size. By my precise measurements however, they are correct for English 9,5E-10E, an American 10,5D-11D and a European 44-44.5D, for the mid-width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Splendid original condition, showing trivial wear. This pair was obviously meticulously maintained throughout its life by a fastidious and knowledgeable owner (and one with an extensive bespoke shoe wardrobe.). Sold without trees but ask for a fitted pair, if you require them.

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